MXNet with R

I couldn’t install pre-built binary package, the pre-built binary package is avaliable for Windows and Mac users.

So we need build the R package first when we try to install it. Just follow the R package install guide for linux user.

I successful install the package.

If you find this error message when you try to install dependencies of R package.

../inst/include/CImg.h:368:19: fatal error: fftw3.h: No such file or directory

Try install fftw-devel

dnf install fftw-devel

MXNet with Julia

To install mxnet.jl, you may face the same problem as install MXNet on Fedora.

LoadError: Provider BinDeps.PackageManager failed to satisty dependency cblas


If you already copy libsatlas or libtatlas to /usr/lib64/.

I suggest you make a soft link as below:

ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

Then try Pkg.rm and Pkg.add again.

If you install MXNet in local environment, and julia can not find header files, to installing mxnet.jl would re-install the mxnet in the .julia folder.