At the leap year 29 Feb. I wrote the post to remember my unforgettable experience about Linux command rm (remove).

we should not use rm command, to instead, we need use trash-put from trash-cli package.

Just Edit your .bashrc now!

dnf install -y trash-cli

echo "alias rm='trash-put'" >> ~/.bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

The whole story began with my auto-rename script, I wrote it to rename pictures. After added some new features to this script, the program had move all pictures from Pictures folder to root directory. I didn’t check if the renamed pictures are in the Pictures folder and deleted them which in the root directory. In the end, I lost all picutures.

Try to restore them is a tough task.

First, I installed testdisk, and using photorec to restore pictures.

This tool has many drawbacks, it will give you all the deleted pictures without a user friendly filename and modified date.

It is difficult to use it find only few files(50+) in a million restore files.

Then, I use another tool, namely EasyCovery, it gave me the correct files.

The whole lesson I learned is never use rm again.