There is a bug at the latest version of animation package, im.convert() can not generate gif under some OS.

The problem is that R cannot find the executable file of convert.

We fix it a few days ago,you can see the issue report at here.

I test it under Vista, Windows7, Fedora. Removing the extra quotes also help saveGIF() generate the gif.

Some isssue reports like Problem with saveGIF on Windows and Removing excess shQuote in im.convert for Windows are associated with this problem.

I write the post and want to find some one can help us to test if the saveGIF() works well under Windows.

Here is the test code.



install.packages('animation', repos = '')
  for (i in 1:10) plot(runif(10), ylim = 0:1)


If you find any other problem when using the development version, please leave us a message at github.