The new year will coming in few hours. 2018 will become very important year for me. I became more mature and responsible in the end of 2017. In 2018, I need to decide if I could move to some place to continue my research career or give up it, and find another kind of job (to become a programmer or data scientist again).

I want to focus on few of research fields and study deeply. My personal goal for the coming year is to finish all my previous unfinished personal projects, such as write learn R plot guide, learn more about javascript, write some thing about statistical test (I feel some of my scientist friends don’t know why and how to do hypothesis test). I will keep writing posts on my English blog.

In 2017, my colleague and I didn’t finish reading 1984, I also didn’t have enough time to learn Portuguese, I feel my English speaking and grammar even worse than before lol… But all these things will be better in the coming new year.