I read the news from AP and totally angry. It is a shaming day for all Chinese biomedical science researchers. CRISPR is still a premature technology to edit cell genes. HE Jiankui needs to pay the price for what he did, I don’t want to see he escaped from sanctions of the law!

It is a pure business show, men in the project had HIV but women did not, there are simple ways to keep men from infecting offspring that do not involve altering genes. The only purpose I can see is that HE and his team want to test editing, some wealthy (with HIV) will buy his work to help them edit disease genes for their offspring in the future. HE cheated to get the experiment ethical permit from the government. The painful costs was paid by the participants, twin girls, all Chinese biomedical science researchers, and China, but guess who will get the benefit?


After take a look at his gene edit result 1, I strongly think he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. One copy of CCR5 was not knocked out, no function loss for this baby in CCR5, except the unknown potential risk of off-target. This baby still was born, she may be the control group in this experiment. I feel so sad about that.

Updated 2019.12.30

Finally, he goes to jail 2.