My friend in US ask me if there are lots of people are dying in China recently.

From what I know many people outside China are scared by the fake news or some conspiracy theories. As The Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Racism.

First of all, there are around 350 people deaths by date. In the early January some people died due to this disease, but the numbers are not count on the report because they didn’t get a correct diagnosis. The defination of correct diagnosis is that PCR results for the throat swab samples must be shown positive at least twice between a time span. Even on today, there are many people who cannot get a correct diagnosis, the capacity of medical care at Wuhan city are still lower. Not all patients have been hosipitalized, suspected cases are stay at home wait for the diagnosis, their family members are infected by them.

The local government made actions too late to stop the spread of the disease at the earlier stage. All Chinese feel angry with them. I believe some governers will go to jail after the end of the epidemic.

I would like to take a note to remember what I learned that happened at Wuhan City, and other cities.

  • 2019 Dec 24-26

The first strain of 2019-nCoV virus was sequenced in a company that is mainly focused on Metagenomic next-generation sequencing. The company shared the result with CDC, they found that the virus is clustered close with SARS-CoV at the phylogenetic tree.

  • 2019 Dec 30

Another company confirm the preview result, and this company provide a clincinal diagnosis report, in the report they believe the virus is SARS-CoV.

  • 2019 Dec 30-31

‘A Rumor’ was spread in the social media that some people are diagnosed with SARS at Wuhan.

  • 2020 Jan 1

Law enforcement agency at Wuhan warned 8 doctors, accuse them of spreading rumors. By now (2020 Feb), people called them 8 Braves in China. One of the 8 Braves, an ophthalmologist(oculist) passed away at 2020 Feb 6th. He was hospitalizated at 2020 Feb 1st.

  • 2020 Jan 10

Novel 2019 coronavirus genome release

I feel regret for myself, although I am working on the medical science field, at the first glance I still ignore the similarity between SARS-CoV and 2019-nCoV is around 80%, which means they may have the same characterization: spread from person to person, breath problem, etc.

  • 2020 Jan 10-19

More and more cases were reported at Wuhan City, and suspected cases were reported in other countries. The expert said that the virus may not spread between humans. My friend and I discussed the strange phenomenon that there are no suspected cases in other place of China but we know there are the suspected cases in other countries.

  • 2020 Jan 20

In the night, Dr. Zhong Nanshan in the interview of CCTV told all people in China that ‘it is certain that it is a human-to-human transmission phenomenon’. He suggested that people in Wuhan should not travel to other places, and people from other places should not travel to Wuhan. It implied that the city should be locked down.

  • 2020 Jan 21

masks were sold out in pharmacies/stores.

  • 2020 Jan 23 - Jan 31

Wuhan is locked down.

People were angry at the mayor’s slow actions. There is no warning message before Jan 20, 2020, however, the virus already spread to many places. The governor of Hubei province and Wuhan city mayor said the medical supplies are enough for the local hospitals to treat all patients, however, they even don’t know how many masks could be made in the factories in Hubei province every year. By meanwhile, many hospitals are lack of medical protection supplies, they began to ask donations from individuals all over China and the world. The governors feel those hospitals ignore the Hubei government. The local red cross society (this is not a part of red cross global) received many donations but this organization doesn’t have the ability to assign supplies in a fair. Medical supplies are lacked in some hospitals until Feb 2, 2020.

Other news also happened during this period, for instance, some researchers pay more attention to submit publications than find a way to treat patients, some researchers in the Chinese Academy of Science posted silly news that they believe some Chinese traditional medicine can help cure illness.

  • 2020 Jan 31

First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States

I believe key to cure is Remdesivir.

I feel totally angry with the Hubei and Wuhan local governers, but I still feel proud of the people of China, feel proud of the local medical workers and volunteers. The people always unite together, we all carry something when we forward.

  • 2020 Feb 11

I heard from the social media in China that one old man in Wuhan suicided due to he cannot get medical care for his uremia problem, his wife was also diagnosed with COVID-19, but she cannot be hospitalized, because of the limitation of medical support at Wuhan.

  • 2020 Feb 13

By now, there are 30 thousand people in Wuhan were diagnosed with COVID-19, it is more than I thought. In January, I told my friend that I guess the summit of the number of sick people will be 30 thousand at the end of February. All the people in this city are heroes, they suffered themselves to save other people in the whole world.

  • 2020 Apr 4

China held a national mourning on Saturday (April 4) for citizens who died in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak and patients who died of the Covid-19 disease.

  • 2020 Apr 17

Wuhan coronavirus death toll by 1290, it is a good sign that the government has the courage to face the truth that there were many deaths linked to the virus outside hospitals, such as people who died at home, had not previously been recorded.